Z-Wave Controllers

Vera Controllers

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Z-Wave Devices

  • Non-recommendation: Zooz devices are made so cheaply, they basically last for one installation. And despite what they are supposed to be, they almost always install themselves as ZWave generic I/O devices.[1]
  • Recommendation: Had real success with Aeon Labs Micro switches and micro dimmers. Despite the manufacturer's caution about not being able to dim some brands of dimmable bulbs, they seem to work quite well with recent (Cree/Phillips) LED bulbs.[1]
  • I suggest you use Linear/Nutone PDX300Z2 in place of your Jasco Lamp Modules. [Jasco 45602WB-BF Plug In Dimmable Lamp Modules]
    They are identical on the outside, but they dim up and down, and they can be turned on locally with the lamp switch, rather than the button on the face, though that works too.[1]

Certified Compatible Devices

Which do you use? Send list to Tom@TomArman.com and I will post here.

  1. D. B. Nolen